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  • Nusuk Ana Al Awwal 
  •  Notes includes Ambra, Pineapple, Bergamot, Cedar wood, Jasmine, Iris, Leather, Lavender, Patchouli, Pepper, Musk, Rose, Aquatic tones
  • A great fragrance for all time 
  • 100 ml 
  • Made in UAE 
  • CATEGORIES: Unisex Fragrance

Ana Al Awwal Black, this is an arrangement of oriental tones, to which is added exotic fruits with variable sweetness, extending to slightly bitter juiciness.

Delicious pineapple with citrus bergamot, embellished with spicy black pepper, floats on chords of glittering drops from the shattering waves of the sea surf, into which a pleasantly floral score develops.

The coolness of lavender is replaced by the softness of roses and the tenderness of jasmines hiding in a honey bed of majestic amber.

The captivating sophistication is presented by a combination of cedar, warm skin and earthiness, herbically spiced patchouli.

The conclusion belongs to the dust iris, which is combined with fluffy clouds of musk.

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